What is Boudoir Photography? Find out more here.

Many people ask us ‘What is boudoir photography?’ And if you’re wondering the same thing, you’re not alone. Boudoir photography is a style of women’s empowerment photography. Traditionally set in a women’s boudoir (French for ‘bedroom’ – ooh la la!), it’s an artful form of photoshoot designed to help you reconnect with yourself and your body and feel like a goddess.

You’ll be photographed in lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot. The photographs are intimate, sensual and romantic for the enjoyment of yourself and/or your partner. Our clients wear a range of bodysuits, two pieces, nudes or implied nudes as well as button-down shirts, jumpers and tees. Some even choose to have photographs taken in our gorgeous claw foot bath in a milk bath with roses!

What is boudoir photography? Woman in bath filled with milk, holding a rose

We understand that your photoshoot involves a lot of courage and vulnerability, which is why we operate an all-female team and take so much care to ensure your comfort and privacy.

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