The ultimate guide to boudoir photography in Sydney

March 12, 2022


Sydney women are booking boudoir photography sessions in increasing numbers. Naturally, you may have questions, fears and hesitations about a boudoir session. Intimately You Boudoir Photography in Sydney is an all-female team here to create artistic photos that help you love who you are, exactly as you are and we’ve put together this complete guide to boudoir photography to help answer all those questions – and more.

What is boudoir photography?

At Intimately You Boudoir Photography, the experience is all about you. We take sensual and artistic photographs of you in your lingerie. The purpose is to help you fall in love with yourself, exactly as you are. Our Sydney-based studio is a safe and inclusive space where your nerves will be settled, you’ll feel comfortable in the hands of our all-female team and your confidence will blossom.

Professional hair and makeup is included in every portrait session, so you’ll feel like a complete goddess. Forget about how to pose – what to do with your hands, feet and facial expressions, too! It’s all fully guided and taken care of. You need only to relax and have fun. You’ll walk away from your session with a sense of confidence and empowerment that is unparalleled. Oh, and a stunning photo album and wall art as well! 

Copyright Intimately You Boudoir Photography Sydney: All Images are shared with written consent from our clients

What boudoir photography is NOT.

There are many misconceptions about Boudoir Photography. I feel it’s as important to outline what it’s not! We’re not in the business of taking photos that are… ‘unsavoury’. While the photos are sensual, they are not adult in nature. In fact, most of our clients buy wall art to put up in their homes in addition to their albums. Ultimately, we are here to capture and celebrate your feminine essence. We’ll help you see yourself in a totally new way that will ignite your inner light.

Boudoir photography Sydney black and white image of a woman in front of a mirror.
All images are shared with written consent of our clients

Top 5 reasons Sydney women book boudoir photography sessions:

Women book boudoir sessions with us for a variety of reasons. Do any of the below apply to you? If so, a boudoir photoshoot might be a great option for you too:

  1. You’re getting married and want the perfect unique and personal gift for your spouse-to-be
  2. You’ve reached a health goal like a weight loss, having gastric bypass surgery, or the end of of your chemotherapy journey
  3. You want an unexpected, original birthday/anniversary gift for the partner who ‘has everything’
  4. It’s your 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th 80th birthday (or any other birthday in between!)
  5. After past obstacles, a lifetime lacking body positivity or a recent penny-drop moment, you’ve decided there’s no better time than now to start loving yourself.

How do I pick what to wear?

Knowing what to wear is an obstacle for some women. Many of our clients don’t even own lingerie before their shoot! If that’s you, you’re not alone. Bring three pieces to your photoshoot: One light, one dark and one coloured piece. I recommend you opt mainly (or wholly) for one-piece bodysuits. Most women feel comfortable wearing them and they photograph beautifully. When you book your boudoir session with us, we send a complete lingerie guide with tips and advice for women of all body shapes and sizes. We also have a client wardrobe with pieces you can loan for your session, in sizes 8-26.

boudoir photography sydney bodysuits in black, red, green and navy blue hanging on a clothing rack

When should I book my boudoir photography session? 

There are two aspects to consider when it comes to the timing of your photography session. 

Our studio booking timeframe: We book out 3 months in advance. Keep this in mind if you have a specific date that you would like your album and wall art by. 

Product turnaround timeframe: Our turnaround time from your portrait session day to album delivery is 8-10 weeks.

If you’ve left things to the last minute, don’t despair! Get in touch with our team. We will always go above and beyond to help where we can. We can also request a rush order with our supplier for a small fee to have everything delivered back in time for your deadline.

Bridal boudoir photography in Sydney

Bridal Boudoir Photography is increasingly popular for engaged women in Sydney and greater NSW. A boudoir album is the perfect gift for your spouse-to-be because it’s personal and unexpected (and let’s face it, certainly welcome, too!). However, what many of our brides find is that the portrait session gave them some much-needed self-confidence, which in some cases, they didn’t know they needed!

We are bridal boudoir specialists: Our studio has a number of bridal props including a gorgeous Le Rose gown, Veils and garters for you to borrow in your session (though if you have items of your own, we encourage you to bring them to make your photos more personal).

Why book with Intimately You Boudoir Photography Sydney?

  • Professional hair and makeup is included in every session
  • You’ll view and purchase your photos on the same day as your session. This will save you time (and the anticipation!)
  • We are proudly inclusive and photograph all women. All ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds are welcome. Our desire is to make every woman feel seen, heard and celebrated.
  • We have an amazing community behind us. When you book a shoot with Intimately You Boudoir Photography, you’re not just ‘another client’. Our aim is to make you feel like a queen for the day (as Chloe said in her Google review of us!). You’ll also become one of our beautiful Bombshells. We have an encouraging community of women who uplift themselves and those around them. We love that we’ll stay connected to you through our community well beyond your portrait session day.
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee, because we’re so confident you’ll love your images!

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