What to Expect at Your Intimately You Boudoir Photoshoot

Nervous? Here’s how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot!

Have you been thinking about booking your boudoir photoshoot but still not sure?
Here is what to expect when you book with Intimately You Boudoir Photography.

The nervous-excitement has started to set in. What should you wear? What will the studio be like? Will it be fun? Breathe. We’re here to answer all of your questions and more. Whether this is your first or fiftieth photoshoot, we want you to feel completely at ease. Because, after all, this is about you feeling great about yourself! Here’s what you can expect from your intimate photoshoot.

Step 1: The Vibe

Once you get to the studio you’ll be welcome with a big, warm hug. We’ll have some chilled music playing in the background (of your choice) and the oil diffuser on. Our beautiful studio is warm and welcoming, and has been designed to look and feel divine so you are completely at ease.


Step 2: What to Wear

The first thing we’ll do, when you get in, is to spread out all of those beautiful outfit choices (we recommend you bring 5-6 pieces or sets so we have lots to choose from (you’ll be given full guidance on what to look for when you shop, once you’re booked in). We will shoot 3-4 looks. This is also when we’ll discuss the narrative of your session, how you want to feel and what emotions you’d like to convey.

Step 3: Glamour Girl

Once we’ve picked out your wardrobe choices, it’s off to hair and makeup. You’ll get the full movie star experience with our expert artist as you get all glammed up with professional hair and makeup. Feel free to ask questions, and to give input throughout the process. Not sure what look to go for? Check out our post for 5 Creative Boudoir Shoot Ideas.

Step 4: Model Status

Now it’s photoshoot time! You’ll be working with one of our amazing photographers who will have a sit down chat before you get started to understand how you’re feeling, set the scene and give you some initial encouragement and guidance for posing and facial expressions. We’ll start you off with the outfit you feel the most comfortable in, and then work through the other 3 outfits. Then, every step along the way you’ll be guided with posing and emotions to help create a beautiful variety of natural looking poses. Even the most nervous and women feel completely safe in our hands using the Intimately You Method.

Step 5: The result…

Finally, two weeks after your session you’ll come back in for an ordering appointment. You’ll get to choose from 90+ of your best photos, each beautifully retouched and magazine ready.  You will have the opportunity to choose your album or wall art designs right then and there. If you think you might want wall art to try to bring some pictures of the space you’re considering, to make envisioning it that much easier. Wardrobes, bathrooms, and bedrooms are just a few of the spaces you can spruce up with your new photos!

Throughout this process, it’s our mission for you to have fun and feel great about your photoshoot. We’re here for you along the way. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us directly at studio@intimatelyyouboudoir.com.au or 0485 866 760.


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