Wondering How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Photography Session? Here’s 3 Easy Tips

If you’ve booked a shoot, you’re probably wondering how to prepare for your boudoir photography session. There’s a few essential things to know before your boudoir photoshoot that we share in detail with every client so that you come feeling relaxed and prepared.

Tip 1: Have your hair washed

You’ll have a professional hair and makeup artist at your photoshoot who will make you look a million dollars! The trick to getting your hair to look great and stay put during the shoot is to make sure it’s clean, but not TOO clean! Everyone’s hair is different but most important is to not turn up with your hair freshly washed the morning of your shoot. That can lead to fluffiness and it may not hold as well once styled. If you’re like me and need to wash your hair nearly every day, try washing it the day before. If you can go 5 days without washing your hair, try washing it 2-3 days before for best results.

Tip 2: Lingerie

We recommend bringing 8 ‘outfits’ to your shoot. Not everything you bring may photograph well or work with the sets, so it’s best to come prepared with options. We aim to shoot with about 4-5 pieces, and Hayley (your photographer) will walk through each of your outfits with you during your hair and makeup styling to pick which outfits work best and where.

We send out detailed information before your shoot once you’re booked, and some of those tips include:

  • Bring at least two bodysuits. They are universally flattering and look beautiful in boudoir photography.
  • Bring lingerie in black, white/cream, pastels or jewel tones. A variety is good, and these are the colours that work best. If you prefer black and white photography and think you will mostly buy B&W photos, aim for more black and white pieces.
  • Steer clear of neon colours and shiny fabrics. They don’t photograph well.
  • We have some robes and white collared shirts, though you may like to bring your own, or another type of shirt belonging to your partner

Tip 3: Nails

Many of your boudoir photos will feature your hands and nails, so a mani and pedi is high on the essentials list! As you’ll be wearing a variety of outfits, we always recommend getting soft neutral colours so they go with everything. Unless you get acrylic or shellac nails, get them done the day before so they don’t chip.

We also recommend you eat plenty the morning of your shoot. You will be doing a lot of moving and holding poses and I guarantee you’ll be hungry! The week before, get your 2 litres of water every day to flush everything through and help your skin glow and if you’re concerned about bloating, lay off processed salty and high-sugar foods that can increase bloating.

There are so many more tips we share in our VIP Facebook group. If you haven’t already, come join us and search back through our posts and live videos for certain topics and tips.

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