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Do We Use Photoshop?

December 22, 2020


Having boudoir photographs taken is an extraordinary experience. Being truly ‘seen’ requires vulnerability and digging deep into those confidence reserves that, for some, aren’t always easily within reach. 

None of our clients are models – they are everyday women who spend their days in professions ranging from teaching, to medicine, to corporate, to stay-at-home mothering and to self-employment – and so it’s often a big thing to strip down to your underwear (sometimes less) and bare all for a photograph. I completely understand, and it’s only natural that you might be wondering whether (or even hoping that) a bit of Photoshop magic will be used on your boudoir portraits. 

The short answer when it comes to Photoshop is yes, we use it. But maybe not in the way you would think. The first step in the editing process is that I use an editing program called Lightroom, which helps me grade the colours and give the photos our ‘signature look’. I also use a tool that smooths over your skin which makes it look supple and luminous, and it subtly lessens the appearance of cellulite. 

For a small number of photos I then transfer them to Photoshop for a little extra touching up. This might involve a little extra skin work (e.g. removing blemishes) or slightly alter the shape of a piece of lingerie if it wasn’t sitting right. My goal when editing is not to change you, however. We use posing techniques to create the most flattering angles for your body and you will love how you look. At the same time, while we don’t believe you need to be altered like a magazine model, you’re going to have and love these photos for a long time, so if there is ever a request from a client to make a small change, I am happy to. We respect your choices about yourself and your body and my (Hayley) personal stance on Photoshopping is a space of non-judgement.

Our goal is to propagate body love, self love and self confidence and I know that every women is at a different stage in her journey when it comes to her relationship with herself. I do not see it as my place to tell you how you should feel about yourself and your body or tell you there is any right or wrong. My hope is that the photoshoot will facilitate your journey towards an abundance of love for yourself.

One of the greatest privileges of our work, is holding space for women to undergo a transformation. Not only a physical one in terms of having professional hair and makeup done but the inner transformation that is also inevitable. After boudoir, you begin to see yourself through new eyes. And so beyond any hair, makeup and Photoshop work, when you book your boudoir shoot you will realise your power, remember your strength and resilience and truly ‘see’ your beauty inside and out. 

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Like many of my clients, I’m on a journey of my own to accept and celebrate my body exactly as it is.

I’m a single mum to the sweetest little boy, and I know firsthand the challenges that come with embracing and loving your body. That's why I feel so lucky to be doing what I love every day.

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