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5 Unique Boudoir Shoot Ideas You’ll Definitely Want to Steal!

December 30, 2020

Lady in a bath with milk and rose petals


If you’re looking for boudoir shoot ideas, we’ve got a treat for you today. There’s so many great ways to be creative in boudoir photography and create beautiful photos that are fun and unique. But first, if you’re not quite sure what boudoir photography is, read our articles ‘What is Boudoir Photography?‘ and Boudoir 101 to get started. Otherwise, keep reading for 5 creative and unique ideas for your boudoir photoshoot.

  1. Sensual Rose Petal Milk Bath
    Milk baths are a unique addition to boudoir shoots because they are not widely found and not all studios have baths connected to plumbing. Add some milk and rose petals to your bathwater and the petals pop beautifully off the opaque water. The good news is you can add a milk bath to your boudoir session when you book with us! We have a gorgeous cast-iron claw bath. Take a look at more milk bath boudoir photos we’ve taken here and why you should consider a rose petal milk bath in your boudoir photography session.
Lady in a bath with milk and rose petals

2. Black and White

There’s nothing more chic than black and white boudoir photographs. At your ordering session, we present all your photos in black and white and colour for you to choose from, but some people enjoy all black and white for a totally luxe look. Check out our Black and White Boudoir shoots examples here.

3. Outdoor

Although once outside the bedroom it’s not traditional boudoir, many women are now opting for outdoor boudoir photoshoots. Heading for lakes, creeks, private bushland and more in their lingerie or totally nude. It’s a wonderful way to feel connected to yourself and the Earth!

4. Themed shoot

Themed shoots are perfect for regular boudie babes! If you, like many of our clients, want multiple boudoir photoshoots why not book for themed sessions like Christmas, Valentines, Halloween or even ComiCon?

5. Bridal Boudoir Session

Boudoir is an increasingly popular wedding day gift from bride to partner, and yet still unique enough to be an unexpected (and very welcome) surprise For your bridal shoot, incorporate your veil, wedding shoes and wedding day lingerie and bring items of meaning of your partner, for example a soccer ball, glasses, their favourite shirt or book.

Boudoir photograph of a woman's legs with her veil

If you have any more unique boudoir shoot ideas we would love to hear them! Come and share them with us in our VIP Bombshell Facebook Group. The most uplifting girl gang on the internet!

  1. […] More and more women are incorporating milk bath sessions into their boudoir shoot as one of many creative boudoir shoot ideas. We’re so happy that at Intimately You Boudoir Studio we can oblige by offering milk bath […]

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