Bodysuits are a personal favourite at your boudoir photoshoot for us here at Intimately You Boudoir Studio! They are timeless, mature and sophisticated. There’s nothing more sexy than leaving a little bit to the imagination, don’t you think? Here are some of our clients in action wearing bodysuits for your inspiration.

If you’re looking for boudoir shoot ideas, we’ve got a treat for you today. There’s so many great ways to be creative in boudoir photography and create beautiful photos that are fun and unique. But first, if you’re not quite sure what boudoir photography is, read our articles ‘What is Boudoir Photography?‘ and Boudoir 101 […]

Do a Pinterest search of Milk Bath Photography and you’ll see a range of boudoir shoots in baths. More and more women are incorporating milk bath sessions into their boudoir shoot as one of many creative boudoir shoot ideas. We’re so happy that at Intimately You Boudoir Studio we can oblige by offering milk bath […]

If you’ve booked a shoot, you’re probably wondering how to prepare for your boudoir photography session. There’s a few essential things to know before your boudoir photoshoot that we share in detail with every client so that you come feeling relaxed and prepared. Tip 1: Have your hair washed You’ll have a professional hair and […]

Many people ask us ‘What is boudoir photography?’ And if you’re wondering the same thing, you’re not alone. Boudoir photography is a style of women’s empowerment photography. Traditionally set in a women’s boudoir (French for ‘bedroom’ – ooh la la!), it’s an artful form of photoshoot designed to help you reconnect with yourself and your […]

Having boudoir photographs taken is an extraordinary experience. Being truly ‘seen’ requires vulnerability and digging deep into those confidence reserves that, for some, aren’t always easily within reach. It’s only natural that you might be wondering whether (or even hoping that) a bit of Photoshop magic will be used on your boudoir portraits.

A boudoir photoshoot is a transformative experience for most women. One of my favourite parts of this job is seeing how our clients feel when they see their photos! ‘Wow, is that really me?’ Is the most common thing I hear! All of our clients book their shoots for their own reasons, and I love hearing about their ‘Why’. Here are the top 5 reasons (but not the only ones) that most women book a boudoir photoshoot. Read closely and see which one(s) might apply to you.