How to Pose Like a Pro in Photos

Everyone wants to look gorgeous in photos, right?

Whether it’s a professional photo or a happy family snap, there are 5 simple tips you can follow right now to flatter your figure and look your best. I recently stepped in as an ‘everyday’ model to show off some new pieces for a local clothing company. They took photos of me in each outfit, and I put these tips into action. The next day, one of the team members actually said to me ‘Hayley, you don’t take a bad photo – you looked great in them all!’ I was surprised to hear that, because I’ve always felt awkward in photos but the tips I’ve learned in this job helped me be aware of where to place my body for the most flattering looks! So these tips are for everyone, and next time a camera is pointed your way I want you to give them a try!

  1. Picture a Clock
    Think of your space as a clock. If you were looking down at your body from a birds-eye view, the person holding the camera is at 12:00. Angle your hips so one is 1:00 and the other is at 7:00. Easy, right? But it makes all the difference!
  2. Shift Your Weight
    No matter what body shape you’re rocking, put your weight on your back leg is an easy way to master the camera angle. Bend your front knee across the other leg and pop your toe for even more shape!
  3. Place Your Arms
    Wondering where your arms go? Try this tip: Place your arm that’s closest to the camera on your hip, then go up 5 cms.
  4. Position Your Face
    A great smile is worth a million words, right? What most people don’t think of is how your face position can make or break that million. Move your face towards the camera, pull your chin forward like a turtle, and then down slightly. I walk every client through this at the beginning of their session and they laugh when I tell them this move is called ‘The Turtle’.
  5. Relax your Shoulders Lastly, relax your shoulders down. Most of us women hold tension in our shoulders, and believe me, you can tell. Again, I’m always conscious of this in portrait sessions and helping my clients get into position. Take a load off, and let those shoulders down.

Here’s a simple selfie of me with my phone. See the difference? These photos were taken only minutes apart! In the first image (left) you can see that I’m square to the camera, with my arms directly beside my body.  In the second image (right) I separated my arm from my body, and shifted my weight back.  Remember: When your arms are directly beside your body, you increase your body by a FULL ARM.  No one wants that.  So hands on hips ladies! Hands on hips!

Hayley xx

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