Many people who’ve never heard of it ask us ‘What is boudoir photography?’ And if you’re wondering the same thing, you’re not alone. Boudoir photography is a style of women’s empowerment photography. Traditionally set in a women’s boudoir (French for ‘bedroom’ – ooh la la!), it’s an artful form of photoshoot designed to help you […]

Whether you’re a seasons lingerie gal or only just dipping your toes in, knowing what to wear can be more than a little intimidating. You might be surprised to know that for every one of our clients who is a lingerie lover, there is another who doesn’t own any! Either is totally ok, and we’re […]

Everyone wants to look gorgeous in photos, right? Whether it’s a professional photo or a happy family snap, there are 5 simple tips you can follow right now to flatter your figure and look your best. I recently stepped in as an ‘everyday’ model to show off some new pieces for a local clothing company. They […]